Community Invitation

Dear Concord School Supporter:

You are reading this letter as an invitation for you and/or your organization to join the Concord Partnership, a group committed to the preservation and repurposing of Concord School with an emphasis on community use.

Concord School has a rich 160 year history supporting community development though education and as a place for gathering and sharing. It is a key piece of our cultural identity, not only as a historic landmark, but as an institution that has fostered individual and community growth for generations.

Since the closure of the school in 2014, many individuals and organizations have considered options for its future, many focused on how Concord could continue as a place serving community livability and the well-being of current and future generations.

The community now has a unique opportunity to help shape the school’s future, and to do so will require concerted efforts and leadership. The time is right for individuals and organizations to come together as a partnership in pursuit of a common purpose.

The Concord Partnership will provide a forum for groups and individuals to share knowledge and ideas, synergize efforts, and to work together to define and shape the future of Concord through a combination of public, private and/or non-profit investment.

The Concord Partnership will represent the collective efforts of the community to preserve and repurpose Concord School, guided by its Mission:

  • To preserve the historic and open-space character of Concord School and its grounds.
  • To promote successful repurposing of the school guided by a plan and implementation program

    providing for sustainable community uses that contribute to community livability and well-being.

  • To facilitate effective local community participation in shaping the plan and implementation program for Concord School’s future.

    Please accept this invitation to join the Concord Partnership, and join the collective efforts of community organizations and individuals as we uphold Concord’s legacy by shaping its future.

    To join the Concord Partnership, we ask that you contact Friends of Concord by email at

    Thank you for your interest.

    Friends of Concord