Concord Reuse Concepts

Concord School Reuse Study

The Concord Partnership commissioned Paul M. Falsetto Architect to develop reuse concepts for the Concord School, a former elementary school standing vacant since 2014. Multiple concepts were explored, with three chosen for refinement. The principal focus for all concepts was to demonstrate reuse opportunities that provide the highest and best use of the building for public benefit, while retaining the historic qualities of the building.

Concord School Report_2017-03-24

Following the North Clackamas School District School Board’s decision to delay the property sale (Fall 2015), several community organizations cooperated to form The Concord Partnership to advocate for preservation and reuse of the property for needed community uses. With citizen input gathered in a visioning process, 3 concepts representing the community’s expressed priorities for reuse of the property have been prepared with help from an architect paid for mostly by grants from Restore Oregon & The Kinsman Foundation. The 3 concepts, illustrated by conceptual building floor plans and a site plan for the grounds, are now available for public review. The purpose of these concepts is to help illustrate to the School Board, and any interested future property owner, that the community’s ideas would fit the property well and provide community benefits while preserving the property’s historic character and open space values.